Post-Treatment Family Workshops

This is an intensive 3-day family workshop intended to improve the family dynamic and help the family develop their plan for successful reintegration to a new healthy family system. It is designed to help families weather the trauma and stresses of early recovery. We will help the family develop a map of recovery, and a treatment plan for the entire family. We will look at what healthy support is and how it can be achieved. This workshop is designed for your family exclusively and to address issues specific to your family.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify and understand dynamics of a healthy family system
  • Become aware of stressors related to early recovery
  • Develop a family recovery plan specific to your recovery issues including relapse prevention
  • Explore skills to prevent the return of enabling behaviors
  • Learn how to give and receive healthy support
  • Recognize and practice conflict resolution skills
  • Gain understanding of healthy support
  • Develop healthy communication skills