A Message to Families

“You don’t have to drink or use drugs to suffer from addiction.”

The entire family system is always affected. By the time most families make the first call they have endured a great deal of pain and frustration. Often they have had great losses. The family suffers the effects of living with active addiction usually without even realizing it.

Often a family’s best effort’s to help only makes the situation worse. Everyone begins to question their own judgment. They may think the problem is a result of something else or hope it is just a phase and if they just ignore it would go away. There is unbelievable pain and suffering from the many failed attempts to help or control the situation. No matter what is tried things keep getting worse until out of desperation or fear for someone’s safety the call goes out for help. If you are inquiring about help, your process has already begun.

The good news is intervention does work and addiction is a treatable disease, not only for the addict but also for you and your entire family.

We view intervention as a process not an event. Our experience shows the best outcomes occur when the entire family is involved in the healing process.

In most interventions we utilize a motivational intervention, which is an invitational non-shaming process where the addicted individual is repeatedly invited to attend a Family Workshop. Everyone will begin to understand how each member has been affected by living with addiction. The workshop allows the addict to start to learn how their behavior has affected those they care about. This awareness is frequently a powerful motivator for them to seek help.

There are no two situations exactly alike. We will design a custom intervention process for your unique situation.

How It Works

Inquiry Call

  • Give us a call and we will listen to your unique situation and explainer how we can help.

Schedule an Assessment by Phone or Meeting

  • An opportunity for all concerned members to discuss their perspective on the current situation
  • Review a detailed history and discuss possible solutions
  • Understand which intervention approach is best for your situation
  • Receive our recommendations on how to proceed and schedule the family intervention workshop
  • Discuss the invitation process with all involved and agree on a plan to begin the process
  • Discuss possible treatment options
  • Learn what is involved in a invitational intervention process and decide who might be willing to participate
  • Learn about the time frame of when and where the intervention will take place
  • Schedule the Intervention and Family workshop

Family Services