For almost 20 years, Dr Jim Tracy has been helping individuals, families deal with the problems and pain created by addictive behavior. Dr. Jim Tracy is able to provide a wide range of effective Intervention, Referral, Case management, and monitoring services to help people recover from the devastating problems caused by active addiction.

Dr. Tracy’s sincere commitment with a compassionate and supportive approach is one of the things that causes him to stand out from the rest.

His personal and professional experience, combined with his educational background has given him unique expertise in addressing extremely complicated situations, such as in chronic pain with dependency and impaired professionals. In fact, he almost specializes in though reluctant to recover and the chronic relapser.

Our goal is to provide quality and effective intervention, referral, and monitoring services to the entire family utilizing a variety of approaches which designed specifically for each individual situation.Dr. Tracy views addiction as a family disease and his services are always designed to give assistance and support to the entire family and extended or professional families.

Dr. Tracy views intervention as a process and not an event and his approach emphasizes longer term involvement with the entire family so that lasting recovery can be achieved.

Our commitment to you is a respectful, supportive, gentle, straightforward and honest process. There are no tricks – nothing deceitful, nothing dishonest, nothing manipulative. Even in emergency situations where there is immediate health or safety issues, the process is handled with compassion, sensitivity and concern for the individual.

Our goal is to reduce anxiety for everyone involved and to improve communication, to help create a newly empowered family system in an environment which promotes self-constructive healthy choices.

For most of Dr. Tracy’s 20 years in his own recovery he has been involved in helping impaired licensed professionals. He has positions on the California Medical Board Diversion Evaluation Committee, California Dental Board Diversion Evaluation Committee, and the State Bar of California’s Lawyers Assistance Program. These programs have successful outcomes of greater than 90%. Dr. Tracy works very hard to implement those components which have led to this rate of success into all of the individuals and families he works with. The end result is a dramatically higher success rate. He works closely with families over extended periods of time which also increases the positive outcomes and happiness. Dr. Jim Tracy specializes in the following:

  • Family Interventions
  • Interventions for Professionals
  • Chronic Pain and Dependency Interventions
  • Ongoing Case Management and Recovery Life Coaching for the Entire Family
  • Monitoring Services