About Dr. Tracy

photo of Dr. Jim TracyDr. Tracy has been conducting Professional and Family Interventions for over 20 years. He is a nationally recognized speaker and educator in the areas of Impaired Health Care Professionals, Opiate Addiction secondary to Chronic Pain and Systemic Family Interventions. He is an expert in providing extensive monitoring services and family case management. He has experience in program development and facilitating family programs for some of the most respected treatment centers in the country.

Dr. Jim Tracy graduated in 1979 from the Georgetown University School of Dentistry and he practiced General Dentistry for 18 years. Before making a change to help Families through Systemic Family Interventions while continuing work in helping Impaired Health Professionals.

His career in Interventions began with/through his own personal struggle with addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. He originally became involved in conducting peer interventions on other addicted Dentists after he began his own recovery program in 1988. He soon realized a few years into his recovery that an intervention would have saved his family from years of suffering. He then became determined to help other Health Care Professionals find relief from that same suffering.

Dr. Tracy retired his Dental practice in 1996 to work full time as the Assistant Director of the Nevada State Medical Board’s Physician’s Diversion Program. In this position he was responsible for interventions, referral to treatment, and monitoring.

For over 16 years Dr. Tracy has had the distinguished honor to be directly involved with some of the top Treatment Programs in the County. Including Consultant to Talbott Recovery Campus, Assistant Director Nevada Health Professionals Program, co-founder the licensed professional program at the Betty Ford center. He has also co-created a Chronic Pain and Addictions Treatment Program with Dr. Mel Pohl at the Las Vegas Recovery Center and has developed family programs for some of the most prestigious treatment centers in the country.

Dr. Tracy continues his voluntary service on the Dental Board of California’s Diversion Evaluation Committee and the California State Bar’s Lawyers Assistance Program Committee. In the past he has served on the Medical Board of California’s Diversion Evaluation Committee. He is currently the vice president of the Board of Directors for the Ranch Recovery Services in Desert Hot Springs.

In addition to family interventions Dr. Tracy also provides families with long term monitoring and support.