Chronic Pain and Addiction Programs

image of hemet valley recovery center logo

Hemet Valley Recovery Center & Sage Retreat – Hemet, California

Reasonably priced abstinence based chronic pain and addiction treatment in a residential setting.

image of pacific coast recovery center logo

Pacific Coast Recovery Center – Chronic Pain Tract – Laguna Beach, California

Pacific Coast Recovery Center is a hospital based residential based treatment program. Dr. Dan Headrick the medical director is an excellent chronic pain physician.

image of las vegas recovery center logo

Las Vegas Recovery Center – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Recovery Center has an excellent chronic pain and addiction treatment program. I was involved in the development of this program with Dr. Mel Pohl, MD who is one of the best recognized chronic pain experts in the country.

image of mayo clinic logo

Mayo Clinic Pain Rehabilitation Center in Minnesota

The Mayo Clinic has an excellent chronic pain rehabilitation program which offers comprehensive evaluations and all the ancillary medical services you would expect from the Mayo Clinic.

image of rosomoff comprehensive pain center logo

Rosomoff Comprehensive Pain Center – Miami, Florida

Rosomoff Comprehensive Pain Center has been the pioneer in pain management and has been in existence for many years.

image of Dr. Joseph Bradley's The addiction doctor New You Health and Wellness logo

Dr. Joseph J. Bradley, MS, DC, C.Ad., Chiropractor – Las Vegas, Nevada

I have worked together with Dr. Bradley and have enormous respect for his abilities as a chronic pain expert.

image of norman marcus pain institute logo

Norman Marcus Pain Institute – New York, New York

Dr. Norman offers comprehensive evaluation and outpatient treatment services for chronic pain treatment. He specializes is the treatment of back pain.