Post-Intervention Family Workshops

Our Family Workshop focuses on an invitational, motivational, non-confrontational, family focused intervention process.

To begin, the family is carefully coached on how to inform and invite the addicted individual to attend the workshop.

We encourage all family members to attend and participate in understanding family problems associated with addiction and its effects on each member. More importantly, we provide an opportunity to identify solutions. Support and encouragement is critical to recovery from addiction. We encourage participants to verbalize hopes and feelings for their loved ones.

Workshop Objectives

  • Understand the physical addiction process
  • Identify the effects of addiction and co-dependency within the family
  • The disease of addiction is explained with a focus on understanding it as a brain disease
  • Facilitate a safe environment to learn healthy communication skills
  • Learn and understand the recovery process and relapse prevention
  • Clearly identify what needs to change in the family and provide healthy alternatives
  • Determine and recommend appropriate treatment solutions
  • Continuing Care

The Intervention Process does not end when someone goes to treatment. A minimum of 90 days of case management is included in every scheduled Family Workshop. Individualized ongoing case management and monitoring is available and recommended for the best long-term results.